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LDL  in the endless wind  WER076  bandcamp    

SOUNDBRIDGES (Blume/Lehn/Muche/Vandermark)  the red and the blue [12" vinyl-LP]  IDNO 0021 



John Butcher/Thomas Lehn/John Tilbury  Lights  Fataka 16  bandcamp 

V/A - AIR Vol. I  [4 CD box]  CD CW1070  
Duos of Urs Leimgruber (soprano saxophone) with Gerry Hemmingway (drums, percussion), Hans Peter Pfammatter (prepared piano), Jaques Demierre (amplified spinet) and Thomas Lehn (analogue synthesizer)

THERMAL  Ice In A Hot World  78U  bandcamp 



John Butcher/Thomas Lehn/Gino Robair  shaped & chased [LP]  nvnc-lp026  Ni-Vu-Ni-Connu  bandcamp 

Blume/Lehn/Muche/Vandermark  SOUNDBRIDGES  jw219 




vario 34  vario 34-3 (2020)  CvsD CD073  bandcamp
G. Christmann (vc/tbn), M. Gustafsson (sax, flutophone), A. Frangenheim (b), P. Lovens (dr), T. Lehn (synth)

Jean-Marc Foussat / Thomas Lehn  Spie(l)gelungen  FR-CD-31  

V/A - Katharina Klement  Schütten  AG 0018 
includes Schütten 3.2 for piano solo performed by Thomas Lehn (audio)

John Butcher/Thomas Lehn/Matthew Shipp  The Clawed Stone  ROG-0099  bandcamp

V/A - Roman Haubenstock-Ramati  Decisions/Study in Form  BR1064/1065 
includes three realisations of Decisions by Peter Ablinger, Marc Fell and Thomas Lehn and Study in Form by Reinhold Friedl



speak easy  @ Konfrontationen  ccs 99 

Leimgruber - Demierre - Phillips & Lehn  Willisau  JW191  
with with Urs Leimgruber (tenor- & soprano saxophone), Jacques Demierre (piano) and Barre Phillips (double bass) 

V/A - Anthony Pateras  Collected Works Vol. II (2005​-​2018)    IMM015
includes as long as breath or bow performed by ensemble]h[iatus



Christopher Fox  Topophony  hat[now]ART 211 
Topophony (2014-2015) by Christopher Fox, WDR Sinfonieorchester, Ilan Volkov (conductor). Soloists: track 1: Axel Dörner (trumpet), Paul Lovens (drums), track 3: John Butcher (tenor saxophone), Thomas Lehn (analogue synthesizer)

V/A - The Art Of The Duo - 2  explico 23  Edition Explico 
with John Butcher, Günter Christmann, Alexander Frangenheim, Michael Griener, Mats Gustafsson, Paul Hubweber, Thomas Lehn, Paul Lovens, Torsten Müller, John Russel, Elke Schipper, Joachim Zoepf, Lenka Zupkova 



Thomas Lehn/Marcus Schmickler  Neue Bilder  mikroton CD 60 

ensemble]h[iatus  Peter Jakober/ensemble]h[iatus  Césaré 16/10/17/1
beneden (2009), mehr, ein wenig (2008) and weit beisammen (2010) by Peter Jakober and improvisations by ensemble]h[iatus
released Feb. 2017 | CD cover & booklet: pdf | discogs 

V/A - VARIO-50 The Art Of The Duo  explico 22  Edition Explico 



John Butcher/Thomas Lehn/Matthew Shipp  Tangle  fataka 14 

V/A - Mats Gustafsson & Friends  MG 50 – Peace & Fire  TR140 



V/A - Miroslav Ponc  Pounding Ponc  MG 001
includes Gradients (2014) by Tiziana Bertoncini and Thomas Lehn, an interpretation of the graphic composition
K-2591 Coloured Melody Line Composition (ca. 1925) by Miroslav Ponc

Richard Scott/Axel Dörner/Thomas Lehn  Orbit, Dialogue And Trajectory: Live In Berlin [flac] SA001
Sound Anatomy 



Dorothea Schürch / Thomas Lehn  DAMN! 

Thomas Lehn  CinemaSessions #6 - Ihre Vergangenheit / Her Past (2014) [DVD] Film Archiv Austria 
film music Ihre Vergangenheit for piano and analogue synthesizer composed and performed by Thomas Lehn



Konk Pack  Doing The Splash  kdr003 

John Butcher/Thomas Lehn/John Tilbury  Exta  fataka 7 

V/A  PRES Scores [2 CD]  BR ES09 
Includes Bogusław Schaeffer Symphony: Electronic Music in the PRES realization by Bohdan Mazurek and a realization by Thomas Lehn commisioned by BOŁT Records

Euphorium_freakestra  Alles was baumelt, bringt Glück [DVD]  EUPH 039a
A film by Gudrun Pappelteich, 87 min.



6ix  Almost Even Further  CD LR 644 

V/A  Bogusław Schaeffer/Assemblage [2 CD]  BR ES06

hans w. koch / Thomas Lehn / Ben Patterson / Jozef Cseres  Requiem for a Baby Grand
Final Piano Music for 8 Hands and Tools [DVD]  PANDVD07



ensemble]h[iatus & Jennifer Walshe  November Music 2011  NM 015 

Scott Fields & Multiple Joyce Orchestra  Moersbow/OZZO  (2011)  CF236

LHZ+H  scope  mono044

Thomas Lehn/Marcus Schmickler 
Live Double Séance [Antaa Kalojen Uida]
LP+DVD  eMEGO 121  
Contains stereo vinyl LP and DTS 5.1 Surround Sound DVD (audio only)

MIMEO  Wigry  [2LP]  BR LP01 

Tiziana Bertoncini/Thomas Lehn  Horsky Park  at40  [trailer]

SHIFT  Songs from Aipotu  CD LR 599



Konk Pack  the black hills  GROB 962

I.T.I.  Artifacts in St. Johann  OD12077  

Euphorium_freakestra  Free electric supergroup  EUPH 018



Bertrand Gauguet/Franz Hautzinger/Thomas Lehn  Close Up  mono024

John Butcher Group  somethingtobesaid  wow 02  weight of wax

Urs Leimgruber/Thomas Lehn  Lausanne  CD 2072

speak easy The Loft Concert (DVD) 

Domenico Sciajno + [AAVV]  Doves Days in Palermo  BW09  

speak easy  backchats  CS149



TOOT  two  at14

Thomas Lehn/Marcus Schmickler  Kölner Kranz [LP]  A31 

Thomas Lehn/Marcus Schmickler  Navigation im Hypertext [CD]  A34

Gerry Hemingway & Thomas Lehn  kinetics  AUR-08  Auricle Records

ConGioco Ensemble  Klangreise – Konzepte für Orte

James Choice Orchestra  Live at Musik Triennale Köln  CD LR 513

Frédéric Blondy/Thomas Lehn  obdo  at07



MIMEO  sight  cath004

erikm (Luc Ferrari) & Thomas Lehn  Les Protorhythmiques  RM417

vario-44  vario-44  explico 15  edition explico [limited edition of 250 numbered copies]
with John Butcher/Roger Turner/JohnRussell/Thomas Lehn/Dorothea Schürch/Günter Christmann



Jon Rose/Johannes Bauer/Thomas Lehn  FUTCH  JW010 

James Choice Orchestra  Live at Moers  MM 3020 CD

Ivar Grydeland/Thomas Lehn/Ingar Zach  SZC ZCZ CZE ZEC ECI CIN  GA001

Frank Gratkowski/Thomas Lehn/Melvyn Poore  triskaidekaphonia   CD LR 461



Cortet  HHHH  10U 

TOOT  one  SOFA 518 



t-u-b-e | reloaded [5.1 Audio DVD]  ARTS 81015

MIMEO  Lifting Concrete Lightly [3CD]  SGCD1

Keith Rowe/Toshimaru Nakamura/Thomas Lehn/Marcus Schmickler  ErstLive 002  erstwhile records 

Konk Pack  off leash  GROB 654 

E-RAX  Antics  INFIM.001  View & listen excerpt of DVD Antics

Feedback CD 3:  Nachthelle by Johannes Fritsch  DEGEM 06
ensemble NATRIUM: Tim Jones (violin), Georg Börgers (cello), Martin Ingenhütt (doublebass) and Thomas Lehn (EMS Synthi) 

Han Bennink / Mary Oliver / Thomas Lehn  pica pica  ICP 041  
creditcard size CD containing mp3 files



LuisterPost  2002/2003  LP-CD 01

Amplify 2002  Balance  erst 033-040 
(inlcudes 7 CDs erst 033-039 and 1 DVD erst 040, limited edition of 800 copies)

Amplify 2002  Balance 1  erst 033
(includes duo Thomas Lehn/Toshimaru Nakamura and trio Thomas Lehn/Toshimaru Nakamura/Taku Sugimoto)
Amplify 2002 Balance 3/4  erst 035/erst036
(erst 035 includes trio Rowe/Lehn/Schmickler, erst 036 inlcudes duo Lehn/Schmickler)

Thomas Lehn/Raymond Strid  Here<>There  FYSP 1005

MIMEO/John Tilbury  The Hands of Caravaggio  erst 021

Thomas Lehn/Marcus Schmickler/Keith Rowe  Rabbit Run  erst 027

John Butcher/Andy Moor/Thomas Lehn  Thermal  04U

Thomas Lehn & Paul Lovens  Achtung  GROB 537 

Tiziana Bertoncini/Thomas Lehn  Total Music Meeting 2002 - Audiology II  a|l|l 006  FMP




Christian Marclay/Cor Fuhler/Thomas Lehn  November Music 2002  NM 006

Gerry Hemingway  Songs  BTLCHR 71223

Ringtones  Cellphone Sonata [track 87 of 99 tracks]  (2002)  Tone 14



International Improvisation Pool  November Music 2001  NM 005 

Gerry Hemingway & Thomas Lehn  Fire Works  umbrella 028

Konk Pack  Warp Out  GROB 323

Lingua  ~  om012010

antasten & Martin Siewert/Didi Bruckmayr  echos an kegelrändern  loew 007

antasten  excentriques  loew 006

Phil Durrant/Radu Malfatti/Thomas Lehn  dach  erst 014




Thomas Lehn/Marcus Schmickler  Bart  erst 012

Thomas Lehn  Feldstärken  RA 027

chadlehn  c inside  GROB 205

MIMEO  electric chair + table [2CD] GROB 206/7

E-RAX  live at bimhuis  x-or fr9 

John Butcher  Music on seven occasions  MNSCS 004 Meniscus Records




Konk Pack  Big Deep  GROB 102

Gerry Hemingway & Thomas Lehn  Tom & Gerry  erst 004-2

shabotinski  (b)ypass (k)ill  charhizma 012

MIMEO  MIMEO  per 009  Perdition Plastics

Phil Durrant/Radu Malfatti/Thomas Lehn  beinhaltung  Fringes 003  Fringes Recordings

vario 34  water runs only in plural  cod 004

Linguafonie  Linguafonie 3 

Martin Theurer/Erhard Hirt/Thomas Lehn  Trinidad  hf 8  happy few records

Günter Christmann/Thomas Lehn  temps durée  explico 10  edition explico

Schlotte/Gottschalk/Zoepf/Lehn/Hirt/Hubweber/Theurer  U Boot Party  hf 5  happy few records



MIMEO  Queue  GROB 005

HumanNoise  Congress #7/#8/#9  ARTist

Martin Theurer/Erhard Hirt/Thomas Lehn  2+2=3  hf 3  happy few records




Die Klangräumer  Mangelware  HMP CD 10  hybrid music productions
with Andreas Wagner (saxophone, clarinet, flute), Guido Hafner (double bass), Thomas Lehn (piano, synthesizer)



vario 34  vario 34  BTCD06/exp05
with Günter Christmann/Alexander Frangenheim/Mats Gustafsson/Thomas Lehn/Paul Lovens/Christian Munthe



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